Hello, I am Felix Conradi. I live and work in the San Francisco Bay Area of California as a healer and specialist for conditions of unresolved back pain.

In my teens I developed an early interest for health and healing while growing up in Hanover, Germany. After a phase of medical studies and training as a paramedic assistant, I decided to persue a path in alternative forms of treatment. For the past 10 years I have studied under Dr. Samuel Sagan (M.D.) founder of the Clairvision School and his healing system of IST – short for “Inner Space Techniques”.  Complementary to my studies with Dr. Sagan I have studied homeopathic medicine with the Hudson Valley School in upstate New York. Having successfully healed a variety of unresolved cases of back pain, I decided to specialize the IST healing system toward this field.

World renowned Feng Shui expert Karen Kingston, under whom I trained in the art of Space Clearing, was influential on my skills as an energetic healer.  When I have time, I also work as a Space Clearing Consultant to facilitate a healthy living situation for my patients.

Other than the healing arts I enjoy the study and practice of meditation techniques as part of my training with the Clairvision School with Dr. Sagan.  In addition to my private practice as a healer,  I travel regularly in European countries to run weeklong meditation retreats on behalf of the school.