IST, or Inner Space Techniques, stands for a set of unique therapeutic and healing techniques that have been developed over 20 years by a group of doctors, nurses, homeopaths and naturopaths. Felix Conradi is using the IST Method as his main approach to healing.

IST rests on a comprehensive model of consciousness that is based on meditation principles – it includes the physical, life force, emotional/ mental and spiritual dimension of a human. These aspects of yourself influence and interact with each other.  Healing, and an improvement of your health, involves working with the energetic dimension in a person.

Felix is assessing the life force and subtle bodies of energy in a person. If a physical disorder has it’s root on an energetic level, IST and his healing abilities offer solutions for a cure.

IST includes the following techniques:

  • Energetic Healing
  • Clearing Therapy
  • ISIS
  • Meditation

Energetic Healing

Using the “subtle bodies of energy” as an approach to cure, the layer of life force is central to healing. It is a concept found in systems of healing, ancient and modern, east and west:

  • Chinese medicine and acupuncture refer to it as Qi.
  • Western Anthroposophical medicine calls it the etheric.
  • Ayurveda and the Vedas of the Indian tradition, use the term prana, with prana-maya-kosha meaning the layer made of life force.

Through IST,  flows of life force are facilitated to open up energetic blockages and clear out toxic energies that are causing physical symptoms. This approach is somewhat similar to Chinese medicine & acupuncture, where health problems are being seen on the level of life force.  Felix is using the IST method to archive the same effect, but with meditative states not needles!

Clearing Therapy

Just as there are physical parasites there are energetic parasites that affect the layer of life force. This is a concept found in many forms of traditional medicine. Ayurveda, the traditional medicine of India, has one of its eight sections entirely devoted to the study of bhutas, or entities. In acupuncture, among the 361 points of the 14 main meridians, 17 have the word Kuei (meaning ‘disincarnate spirit’ or entity) as part of their main or secondary name.

IST includes specific techniques to identify and eliminate such parasites.

ISIS – Dealing with Trauma and Conditioning

The layer of life force, can also be impacted by emotional trauma and mental conditioning. In these instances ISIS is used to source where the problem lies.


The technique of ISIS is based on the meditative space of the third eye. The third eye meditation is a simple, but profound technique. It takes you out of the ordinary mental consciousness through focusing on the different modalities of the third eye: vibration, light and space.

This meditation is taught in the book, Awakening the Third Eye,  by Samuel Sagan, M.D. and also taught in workshops around the world. Check out for a list of scheduled Awakening the Third Eye workshops.